Sailing route

Before boarding dinghies, runners must don lifejackets. Yachts will be waiting in the bay and must be outside the area of moorings. Yachts may be directed to round specific bouys before proceeding by any route to Salen on Mull.

On reaching Salen, pass the derelict pier and land from the direction of the moorings (GR578 441).

Land on or between Craighouse timber pier and the old stone pier.

Land at Lamlash Pier. Note that the area round the pier is surrounded by moorings and the water is very shallow close to and W of the pier. At night, the pier may be marked by yellow flashing lights.

Yachts must sail or row into the outer harbour at Troon and transfer their finishing team into the dinghy in the outer harbour. They then row to the end of the first pontoon (A) and run to the Race Office in the marina building. A team finishes when any two crew members (not necessarily runners) check in at the Race Office. Life jackets must still be worn in the dinghy but they need not carry packs. Yachts should enter the marina in the inner harbour under engine after contacting the marina office by VHF to be allotted a berth.

Troon marina map

The time is taken from the last member of each team to arrive at each manned check point. The landing points will be manned for at least up to 24hrs after the leading team has passed. The finish will be manned until 1800 hrs Monday. If you are outside this time, please continue if you so wish but take your own times and pass them to race office.

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