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OBAN RUN ROUTE (Youth and Senior)
The start is at Oban Sailing Club heading North along the shore road. Bear right up Glenmore Rd and up the steep Haggarts Brae to rejoin Glenmore Rd. Bear right at the top and then left onto Pulpit Drive. After 100m, take the path signposted `Footpath to Kerrera Ferry’. One mile later, Kerrera Sound comes into view. Do not take the path to the ferry but keep left and follow the cart track which continues to head SW. On meeting the lane, turn right through gate and head downhill. Towards the bottom, at a sharp LH bend, leave the lane and head for the marshal on top of Dun Uabairtich. Leaving the top, beware of dangerous gulley and head NW along the cliff top path past the ferry and continue to take the upper path along the cliff top. Pass to the left of all fences. Eventually further progress is blocked and the path turns down a prominent gulley at Kilbowie. Take care rejoining the road and return along the shore road to the Oban Sailing Club House where the dinghies will be drawn up between the Sailing Club Pier and the Borro Boats Pier (The latter must not be used). The first pair of runners home win the Oban Slip Trophy. Please ensure that you cross the finishing line together. Before boarding dinghies, runners must don lifejackets. Yachts will be waiting in the bay and must be outside the area of moorings. Yachts may be directed to round specific bouys before proceeding by any route to Salen on Mull.


Land at Salen in the bay past the old pier and by the few remaining stumps of the derelict pier(GR578 441). After the 5 minute kit check by Marshalls and allocation of the tags, run to Salen and then along the B8053 to Knock and then left along the track on the SW of Loch Ba to tag check point at the forest road/track junction (GR568 372).


After the check point (GR568 372) continue up the Glen Cannel river and pass the old burial ground into Coire Bhain, climbing to the check point on the summit of Beinn Talaidh (750m) (GR625 347). Descend NW via the check point at Tomsleibhe bothy (GR617 372). Return to Salen Pier and hand in your final tag. Sail by any route to Craighouse Jura.


(N.B. The dangerous cliffs and unstable boulder fields on the Paps need extreme care).

Land on or between Craighouse timber pier and the old stone pier. Check in at the community hall control point along from the Jura Hotel. After the 5 minute kit check by marshalls and allocation of tags, take the road NE to the Jura Forest.

N.B. the Youth team and the Senior course diverge at (GR534 697).

Continue NE along the road to the three arch bridge check point (GR545 721). Ascend to the second check point on the SE summit of Corra Bheinn (GR526 755). Descend SSW to Loch a an't Siob and then on to the third check point at the S end of the southern-most lochan in the group of five lochans Cnuich Charrach (GR510 719). Keep heading SSW to the fourth and last check point on the summit of Glas Bheinn (561m) (GR500 700). Descend by the old graveyard at Kiels to the point where the Kiels track meets the road at (GR529 683) and return to Craighouse along the road to hand in your final tag. Sail by any route to Arran.

ARRAN RUN ROUTE (Youth and Senior)
Land at Lamlash Pier. Note that the area round the pier is surrounded by moorings and the water is very shallow close to and W of the pier. At night, the pier may be marked by yellow flashing lights.

Take the A841 E from the pier. Leave it where it turns N and follow the coastal lane. At (GR043 323) (check point) turn left on to the track up Prospect Hill and run N past Claughlands Farm. Follow the track until it joins the lane via South Corrigills. Rejoin the A841 at (GR023 354). Proceed to the check point where the track meets the ridge (GR997 415), Proceed to the check point at the summit of Goat Fell (GR992 415) and return down the same route. Tags must be left at the ridge check point both out and home. The scree route must not be used (at the request of the National Trust). Return to Lamlash via your inbound route (South Corrigills and Claughands Farm) to hand in your final tag. Sail by any route to Troon.

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