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2017 results

Congratulations to this year's winner, North Star! Coming in with an overall time of 47:50:00. Class winners were:

Class 1 - Obedient

Class 2 - North Star

Class 3 - Kariba

All Rounders - Clockwork

Interservice - Widgeon

Youth - Bluebird

King of the Bens - Ray Ward, Donald Naylor (Obedient)

Molls of Kintyre - Claire Gordon, Briony Curtis (Marisca)

Elspeth Scott trophy for Mixed Pairs - Carrie Craig, Simon Blanchflower (Fearless Friend)

Junior King of the Bens - James Axton, Mark Bushby, Edward Selwyn-Sharpe (Bluebird)

Oban Slip Trophy for fastest Oban run time - Tim Gomersall, Alex Newman-Smith (Kariba)

Fascinator Trophy for best photographic, video or written log - will be announced at the Awards dinner

Best Battleflag - will be announced at the Awards dinner

Bill Tulloch Award for Best Sporting Endeavour - will be announced at the Awards dinner

To download a full spreadsheet of all results, please click here (Excel).

Congratulations to all the winners, and well done to everyone who participated. We hope to see you again next year.

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