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This page, as frequent visitors may have noticed, was embarassingly out of date. We're hard at work pulling together the correct names and times for all the race records and will have them posted here as soon as we can. You might want to add us on Twitter and Facebook, as we'll be announcing there when this page is updated. Also, we're just really amusing and will enrich your timeline.

As well as overall winner, and first, second and third place in each class, the following awards are given out each year:

Senior King of the Bens for fastest pair of male runners

Molls of Kintyre for fastest pair of female runners

Elspeth Scott Memorial for fastest pair of mixed runners

Junior King of the Bens for fastest team of youth runners

Oban Slip Trophy for fastest Oban run time

Pathfinder Trophy for fastest services team

Fascinator Trophy for best photographic, video, or written log

Bosun's Whistle for best Piper

Best Battleflag

Bill Tulloch Award for best sporting endeavour

Old Dogs trophy for oldest team to complete the race


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